Welcome to Lake States.

We provide asbestos and lead Certification Training in the Midwest, as well as OSHA safety training for construction and industrial solutions. In addition to our certification training, we also provide other safety training sessions including First Aid/CPR, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lock-Out/Tag-Out, Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry, and Hazwoper Training.

Lead-Safe Renovator Training

For Builders, Painters, Landlords, and others doing remodeling and renovation activities.

Asbestos Certification Training

Lake States specializes in Asbestos Certification Training in several areas geographically and informationally. Our most significant specialty is Minnesota specific training courses which we conduct in Minnesota on a continual and frequent basis.

Lead (Pb) Certification Training

Lake States also provides Lead (Pb) Certification Training. Currently we provide Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor, Worker and Supervisor courses in Minnesota. And in Wisconsin, we provide the brand new Sampling Technician, Hazard Investigation, and Inspection courses, as well as the Lead Safe Work, Lead Abatement Work, and Lead Abatement Supervision courses.

We are currently scheduling courses in different locations around both states, so please check our schedule page or give us a call. We offer Refresher Courses in both states as well.

To Be Sure, Lake States specializes in SERVICE!!

If there is anything...ANYTHING that can be done on your behalf in the name of service and satisfaction, we need only to be made aware of it and we will happily and enthusiastically accommodate your needs and desires!

If there is a training need that you or your organization has, we would be most appreciative for an opportunity to serve you. And if an elusive answer to a plaguing or out-of-the- ordinary question is holding up your planning or execution of a project, please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to evaluate your particular situation from our own unique perspective.

We are an organization that specializes in training, and as such we do not provide ANY industrial hygiene or contracting services. We have chosen to focus exclusively on a role of supporting organizations that provide these services by providing training and research services to and for them without competing directly with them in THEIR area of expertise.

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